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LP Unlimited Opportunity Due Diligence Web sites


STEP 1 - Overview Web site - LP Pro System business tour (simply complete the opt-in form on the right hand side of generic landing page website to enter into the LP Pro Disclosure system)

- OR - - Three Steps To Destiny Overview Web site - SHORT FORM (Alternative to


STEP 2 - Attend the Overview Call

507-726-3337, pin 32345#
LIVE Business Overview Presentations Monday thru Friday 1pm EST
Monday - Thursday 9pm EST

STEP 3 - Call Me Back to Get Your Initial Questions Answered

When you call me back, you demonstrate your desire to have a designer life and you will feel good because you are doing what successful people do. Take action to learn the strategy, and you will feel enlightened and more certain about executing your life changing strategy. Call Now!

866-495-2115 (US & Canada) or 713-429-4450


STEP 4 - Final Due Diligence and Decision

For a more detailed set of information about LP Unlimited, visit the Long Form web site here.

Other Web Sites of Interest

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Enroll in LP Unlimited Here - Company Replicated Web site

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Opportunity Movie - Custom Marketing Movie

The Decision ...

Other Training and Support Programs Available to You when you work with me

Samurai Training Program - Internet Marketing Training for the rest of us.

Mach 1 Relationships - Revolutionary Relationship Building Training for Intermediate to Advanced Entrepreneurs. Want to play in the New Arena of business?

7 Figure School - Becoming a Millionaire (doesn't that sound nice?) requires more than just hard work and advanced skills, it requires a Strategy, a proven strategy at that. It took me 20 years to reach that milestone. It won't take you 20 years if you take advantage of this exclusive, can't be found anywhere else program.

Come Be a Fly on The Wall

LP Unlimited LIVE Conference Line
507-726-3337, pin 32345#
LIVE Business Overview Presentations
Monday thru Friday 1pm EST
Monday thru Thursday 9pm EST

Fresh Start Call 11AM EST

Training Calls Monday - Thursday 6PM EST

24/7 Business's Presentations, Top of The Hour 712-432-7797 Pin(2893# or 7979#)

Team Training Calls - Monday and Friday at 10AM EST 212-812-2800 pin 8944 4807
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