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For many months I directed this link directly to the blogs, Ripp-off report, quatloos, and which listed these allegations. They consistently moved the sites, blocked my links to the supporting content, and/or removed the supporting content from their blogs as that is not their agenda.

I Did however, make copies of these posts and entries and have included them here for your review. You need to know the Truth.

Ripp-off Report Post
Submitted: 1/24/2007 12:53:59 AM
Modified: 1/24/2007 2:59:22 AM



New York U.S.A.

I once felt like 'Jack' did towards Mr. Rivas

The truth of the matter was that I was with EPI for 7 months back in 2005 and I never qualified and lost a lot of money, and almost my marriage due to my obsession with making EPI work for me. It was wrong of me, or anyone for that matter, to personally attack someone just because I was jealous of his accomplishments and that appears to be some of the motives of some of these posts or reports.

You see, I too wrote false and unsubstantiated reports about Mr. Rivas myself for no reason other to personally attack his integrity like 'Jack' is doing right now.

I knew after I had written the posts that it was wrong and I realized that it was my own envy for Jim and his success as well as the team atmosphere and the training that he provided for his members. I did not receive that type of training and had I had a sponsor of Jim's caliber and willingness to help his team, who knows things may have turned out differently. You may have noticed that I have not posted anything in a long time and I just could not bring myself to the board after what I wrote and the unprofessionalism that I displayed.

Today things are much different for me since I have been with ITV and I now see people lashing out at me for exactly the same reason that I did at Mr. Rivas. I can only imagine what duress I have caused him and I want to make it known publicly that I was out of line and that is why I am including my real name and not a pseudonym. I want you all to know who it was that littered the board with a post that was unfounded and quite frankly, undeserving.

Since my initial posts some time ago, I have had the pleasure to actually speak with Mr. Jim Rivas and I realized many important characteristics and traits about Jim that I was not aware of. He is everything that I thought he might be and I can see from his personality and his knowledge why he attracts people by the masses. He is a fantastic individual with a tremendous amount of concern for the well being of his team members. This man bends over back words and puts himself out day in and day out to ensure the success of his team, and not to mention that he also equips his team with state of the art training that flat out works.

In short, I made some pretty bold statements that were way outside the box and for that I am deeply sorry. I now know Jim as a professional individual and I would like to publicly rescind my prior personal attacks on his character that were completely unfounded.

Jim, I wish you and your team all the best and I apologize for the injustice that I may have caused you, your family or any member of Team Falcon.


Mike - New York

Everyone makes mistakes, but those that learn from those erroneous actions will become better individuals in the end. - P. Turner


Ripp-off Report Post
Submitted: 1/10/2007 9:58:46 AM
Modified: 1/10/2007 1:21:17 PM


Westwego, Louisiana


I am the most honest person there is and I am all for the truth. When I read this information about Jim, I was shocked and appalled. I work with Jim everyday and trust me, if you would get under Jim's support, guidance and mentoring you will be in for a real treat. Your whole attitude about life will change completely. You will realize what is important and what you have to do to get where you need to get.

Jim Rivas does NOT rip off business opportunity seekers. I know for a fact. I have been working with him, going on 1 year. When I first started working for him, he didn't pressure me into doing anything or joining any type of business, I was just his assistant (and that was what I was hired for).

After working with Jim for a few months, it started to hit me...this is what I have been looking for. I wanted to get involved in a business, where I can be my own boss, and make pretty decent money doing it. Plus I loved the fact of helping people better themselves, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. (AND THAT'S WHAT I DO).

You know what else is so shocking, if Jim was anyway like a money hungry person; he would of taken my money quicker than a heart attack. He didn't do that. We had a long conversation about why I wanted to join the business and you know what, he didn't want me to join the business because of the opportunity of making money. He make it clear that it's not about making all this money, it's about being happy, and doing something that I love.

He also told me that there is a lot to learn, and everyone is different and everyone is on different levels and when you get involved in something you don't want to just quit, it might take time for you to get where you want to be but if you are persistent and try hard you will get to that point.

So I joined the business (after praying) and I thank God everyday that I did. EPI with Jim Rivas guiding and mentorship has been a success to my family and me. I have grown so much as a person and I have learned so much at a young age. I am truly blessed that I took that step and plus I am still learning. And I am not learning just from someone, I am learning from the BEST MENTOR there is.

Jim Rivas mastered Internet Marketing and Information Marketing and I am soaking it all in. I am his right hand woman and because of my diligence and patience, I am seeing the results in my life people would only dream about. And I am blessed that I ran across this business and Jim at this time in my life.

So to all that are reading this RIP OFF POST, if you do not remember anything, remember this statement - Treat people the way you want to be treated. People come into your life for a reason. Well I found out my reason for working with Jim, and it has been a blessing since.

Westwego, LA

Ripp-off Report Post
Submitted: 1/24/2007 12:53:59 AM
Modified: 1/24/2007 2:59:22 AM


Washington U.S.A.

Not all is at is seems...

I read the complaint, the rebuttal, all of the preceding comments as well as conducted my own personal research on the companies mentioned, the complaint filed in Maryland, etc.

I'm very open minded but very grounded on business ventures. My wife is looking for a 'work at home' job and I stumbled upon the links for Profit Masters, Emerald Passport and several other online businesses that link to Emerald Passport, Inc. The wife even got a phone call from a business claiming to be one of Emerald Passport, Inc.'s affiliates.

We're not inclined to jump onto those get rich quick schemes but we are inclined to research those that sound somewhat reasonable and aren't immediately identified on the net at 'Scam' and here at 'Rip off' (among other places) as scams.

EPI is a business on the internet that's looking for clients, distributors. The buy in is a bunch more than some and a bunch less than others. They offer a product. Like any business, it's up to the 'distributor' and the 'director' to legally and properly represent the product offered AND the methodologies used in the marketing/training and subsequent sales of their products.

The Maryland complaint alluded to by one of the commentors on this site resulted from the 'director's' misrepresentation not the company's product, marketing schemes, etc.

The 'director' passed himself off as a securities advisor by assuring ('guaranteeing' was the actual word used in the document) an investor that he (the investor) would make 5 to 6 times his initial investment within the first couple of weeks.

Maryland did not pursue any actions against EPI to my knowledge... and yes, I researched it finding nothing beyond the 'director'. The complaint was a 2005 complaint that was (and should have been) upheld and a 2005 legal consent decision between the State of Maryland and the 'director' of EPI's affiliate for engaging in business practices that he was not licensed to engage in.

That particular affiliate was ordered to close his business and cease and desist 'securities trading' in Maryland.

It is my understanding that there are other EPI affiliates in Maryland doing business without government interference.

I'm most likely not going to purchase any option re: EPI because I'm still not quite convinced it isn't a Multi Level Marketing organization and know the wife won't be all that happy about another MLM... and she's the one who would have to work most of it. We've been there and done several of those... made money at some lost money on others.

But I do think EPI has a sound foundation and can obviously be a success for those who can sell their 'products'. I mean, most of the information I've come across to date has been positive about their products and their 'partners' overall successes.

As for the initial complaint here on this particular site, I haven't seen any information posted by the complainant that refutes anything this Jim Rivas has said. In all fairness, Mr. Rivas actually sounds sincere and went to far greater lengths than he had to to adequately explain the situation re:Jack's complaints... and NO I'm not a shill for him but then again, I wouldn't expect everyone to believe that.

I do have to agree that it appears 'Jack' has some personal grudge or ax to grind here. He's certainly had ample opportunity to support his claims or counter Jim's claims.

Either way, I'm simply reading what's been written, doing some simple follow up and responding.

For what it's worth.

Take care everyone and may you be successful in your life.






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