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For Immediate Release ...

Jim Rivas, Marketing Expert, Direct Sales Industry Legendary Top Earner and Founder of the Joint Marketing Alliance has re-joined LifePath Unlimited, resuming his position as a LifePath Unlimited Founding Visionary Leader.

Jim Rivas was the 1st person to join LifePath Unlimited as a Visionary in February 2007. In fact Jim was the first "non-family" member to join LifePath Unlimited, leaving his 7 figure per year marketing position with Emerald Passport, to embrace the vision of Lifepath Unlimited's Founders Dave Mackenzie and Joe Neid.

In his first year with LifePath Unlimited, and before Lifepath Unlimited began shipping the Discovery Series, Jim had already eclipsed multiple 6 Figure Results Status. Jim's production was instrumental in LifePath Unlimited's successful launch.

In the Spring of 2008, Jim took a detour, and began working on what has now become the Joint Marketing Alliance and JMAP system, a complete re-think and re-work of Highly Automated Internet Marketing for Average people.

With JMAP completed and proven to work 100% of the time for 100% of JMAP users, by Summer 2011, Jim Rivas began forging Relationships/Alliances using the Joint Marketing Alliance Platform with Commercial concerns across the Globe.

This brought Jim Rivas full Circle back to LifePath Unlimited, and LifePath had a need for the JMAP system and LifePath founders Joe Neid and Dave Mackenzie felt the system could benefit their entire community, by providing them a definitive competitive advantage.

It was simple of a matter of proving to Joe and Dave the JMAP worked, and so Jim Rivas did. With a brand new domain, and 16 target keywords, Jim was able to demonstrate that JMAP places sites on Page 1 of Google in 7 Days or LESS. View the Before and after screen shots of Google Search on Lifepath Unlimited.

BEFORE 7 Days Later
July 24, 2011 July 31, 2011
lifepath unlimited Google results 08/24/2010 lifepath unlimited Google results 08/24/2010

The Results showed above are just ANOTHER example of the power of JMAP. It is deadly effective, and LifePath Unlimited see's it's effectiveness, and is planning on harnessing it's power beginning at their Synergy Event Life Training In August 26-29, 2011 at the American Airlines Training Center just south of DFW Airport.


lifepath unlimited Google results 08/24/2010

If you are looking for the means to live the 4 hour work week, make a million dollars in a year, or earn a multiple 6 figure income, LifePath Unlimited is an Excellent Vehicle and matched with JMAP, you can make it happen for sure.
Get Started Having Prosperity Today with many choices and options for startup costs and Marketing Packages.

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